FTGC is a Christian ministry whose primary goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in hard to reach places through the use of video projectors. FTGC supplies video projectors free of charge to local pastors and evangelists in mainly poor countries and rural areas. Our focus is on predominantly non Christian and poor nations.

To reach some hard to reach places the local pastors show the Jesus movie as a way to evangelise. They also go to remote villages to show the Jesus movie. In many cases the locals come to watch a free movie and they are shown the Jesus movie.

So far FTGC has supplied video projectors to eight countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Cambodia, Yemen, Tajikistan, Nepal.


FTGC has also supplied speakers as in certain cases if many people come to watch the Jesus movie the inbuilt speakers from the projectors are not loud enough. In one rare case FTGC even supplied a generator since this particular area the Christians visited, was so remote there was no electricity.

Our ministry exists to try and reach the poor, remote villagers and those who otherwise would not know who Jesus is. We help the local churches evangelise in their own areas. This is amost efficient and cost effective way as they are already there, able to go and reach those people living in their neighbourhoods.
Give us an example. So let's say you have decided to donate a video projector for Bangladesh. Just send an email to https://ftgc@ftgc.org  and you will receive the email address and contact number of a Bangladeshi pastor.


This Bangladeshi pastor through his Christian network in Bangladesh can advise which church or evangelist in Bangladesh needs a video projector the most. The pastor will advise of the exact cost of a projector. Then you can send him the money to order a video projector and you will receive the name of the church and its location of where the projector will be sent to. Once the movie is shown, you will also receive photos of the projector being shown and unreached people watching it. In some cases we had small numbers of 3-5 people coming and in other cases we had close to 100.


So now you'll know your gift of a projector will be used to reach unsaved people in places you cannot travel to. The pastor receiving the projector is encouraged to show the Jesus movie first and also can use the projector as an additional ministry tool to show other Christian movies to the congregation as well as Christian movies for the children's ministry. This projector will be a gift that keeps on giving.