PAKISTAN is another muslim country with a population of 225 million people. It is larger than Texas. Main language spoken is Urdu. It has the world's second largest Muslim population. Its capital is Islamabad. 


In Pakistan our ministry has had the largest reach so far with projectors being donated to pastors from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and also to the Kashmir and Gujranwala region. Our evangelist in Pakistan has a great vision and plan for reaching more people in more parts of Pakistan through the use of video projectors and by showing the Jesus movie.


 A typical cost for a projector in Pakistan - US$90 (including USB stick to download the Jesus movie to). We recommend sending money to Pakistan and have our local evangelist purchase it locally and then distribute it to the needy places. That is because even sending a projector to Pakistan leads to the receiver being questioned by the local customs: "Why are you needing this projector?" "What will you use it for?"