Kenya is a beautiful country in East Africa where sadly around 35% of its 53 million people population lives below the poverty line. There are 68 different languages spoken in Kenya.

We have been blessed to send projectors in mainly rural areas such as Matunda in Western Kenya and Nangili. In Kenya we deal with a local pastor who is based in a rural area but has already learned how easy it is to order a projector right from inside Kenya (via and then send it to other pastors in various parts of the country.

To supply a video projector in Kenya the cost is $80 and that includes projector, usb stick, tripod and white cloth (to use as a screen). Kenya is one of the cheapest places to purchase a projector. And the money for the projector can be sent directly to the pastor via Mpesa which is a mobile money app accessible from any part of the world. Both MoneyGram and Remitly can be used to send money to Kenya from any computer or mobile device.  As always, if you need more information or assistance, send us an email at and we are more than happy to help.