INDIA is the world's seventh largest country by size and second by population. Over 1.3 billion people call India home. That is more than 1,300 million people. India is arguably considered to be the most diverse country in the world with 29 states, each with their own unique languages, traditions and religions. We have recently been able to start donating video projectors in India. The need for the video projectors in India to show the Jesus movie is great. 


The good news is that India is the easiest country to donate a projector to. India has its own Amazon India website and you can order directly from their Amazon India website and send it directly to the receiver in India. You can choose whatever projector you wish to donate And you can pay for it directly from anywhere in the world via credit card. All you need to do is put in the details and contact number of the receiver which we can supply to you.

We suggest purchasing a projector for around US$100