We are simply a facilitator for those who believe in our mission which is to supply video projectors in mainly poor countries and hard to reach places.

We do not handle any money at all. We have also zero operating/administrative costs. All our costs are supported by volunteers who donate their time.

If you do want to donate a video projector this is how you can do it: send us an email at letting us know which country you feel led to donate to. And then we will put you in touch with our local contact in that country and you can send the money directly to him and he will order and pay for the projector and he will send it to the church or evangelist in that country/location that you chose. Please note we are based in Australia and due to the time zone difference we may not be able to reply right away but please be assured you will receive a reply.

If you think this is a little hard and an inconvenience to you, please understand this is the way we can keep our costs to zero and ensure all money donated goes directly to purchasing a video projector. We are a small ministry and if we get increased support to the point we will need to set ourselves up as a not for profit ministry with a registered status we will do that as we are based in Australia.

Once we receive your email that you would like to partner with us we will send you the exact cost and the email and contact details of our partner in whichever country you decide to purchase a projector. Additionally, if you cannot afford to pay for an entire projector then you can still send the funds to the evangelist in the country we deal with and he will keep that amount and add it to smaller donations and once he has enough to purchase a projector he will do that.


Then, from your own computer/mobile device, you can donate online either via or which are very popular ways to send money overseas. This is also easy for the receiver as he can collect the money as cash or it can be sent directly to the receiver's phone as mobile money. Yes, even places such as Bangladesh and Pakistan are able to receive mobile money. In India for example is even easier as you can order a projector directly from Amazon India and can send it directly to the receiver. There is no Amazon Bangladesh or Amazon Pakistan hence the money will need to be sent to them and they will order a projector directly from there. Remember we are here for you and can guide you through this easy online process to donate directly to the overseas evangelist.

How about sending a projector via post from whatever country you are in. This is certainly possible however please note the postage fees are quite high and some countries (especially Bangladesh) have very high customs fees. One of our supporters ordered a US$99.00 video projector from China to be sent directly to Bangladesh and when it arrived the fees to pay the customs duty and clearance fees were nearly US$95 (We had this projector returned to China and have received a full refund). At the same time, in certain countries you can send a projector directly as this will be a cost effective way, especially in countries where projectors are expensive such as Tajikistan for example. This method of sending directly only works for certain countries.

Once again, if someone from your church travels to such places please encourage them to bring a small video projector with them, and then they can donate it directly to a local church. We had a lot of trouble getting a projector into a particular Muslim nation. We then found out the pastor was in a neighboring country at the time and then sent him two projectors in that neighboring country and he brought them both with him upon his return. Sending a video projector overseas with one of your church members remains one of the safest and best ways to get a video projector to an overseas church.